SPT Laser Tube C150

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Due to the length of the tube, this is a COLLECTION only item.

Model: C150 Rated power: 150W Wavelength: 10.6μm Max. power: 180W Length: 1850±5mm Stability: ≤±5% Diameter: 80±1mm Excitation mode: DC high voltage excitation Ignition voltage: 27-29KV Cooling: Water-cooled 15-25℃ Beam divergence angle: 3.1mrad Operating voltage: 19-20KV Pulse frequency: 100% to 5KHZ Beam quality: ≤1.1 Ignition current: 6-7mA Net weight: 3.76Kg Working current: 25-30mA Laser mode: Fundamental Mode Spot diameter: 6±1mm Carton size: 1980*173*155mm