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SPT Laser Tube C40

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SPT-T40 Main Parameters





Pipe Diameter




Output Power


Max Output Power


Triggering   Voltage


Working Voltage


Working  Current


Max Working   Current



Water-cooling 15-25℃, 4L/min

Impulse   Frequency

100% to 5KHZ

Spot Diameter


Applications: Co2 laser cutting/ engraving machine, works on non-metal materials, such as paper, leather, acrylic, fabric, wood, rubber, etc.

CO2 laser (laser tube) Installation instructions

1. Make sure the electrodes are connected correctly; Only use self amalgamating insulation tape that is rated up to 50Kv and not regular insulation tape

2.  When installing water pipe please make sure the the water flows from anode side to cathode side  ( red wire is anode, black wire is cathode), Andode side is laser output side

     Before starting the laser tube must be full of  water  and no air bubbles before use (must check every time before start ing laser tube). If the laser tube is mounted vertically, please ensure that no air bubbles at the top of the laser tube. It will cause thermal shock when it runs with air    bubbles in the water pipe, which is easy to damage your laser tube.

3. To maintain the good performance of laser tube, keep the cooling water temperature between 20-25 °C. The instability of cooling water's temperature will influence laser tube output power.

4. When installing the laser tube, please try to ensure the mounting brackets are at the points marked on tube, 

5: Leave enough space between the laser tube positive end (it has high voltage electricity) and any metal surface of your laser machine. If the space is not enough, it can  cause ignition between high voltage power and metal surface of laser machine, and thus lead to laser tube damage and even breakdown of major electronic components on your laser machine.

5. Water flow meter or safety switch must be incorporated into water system to prevent power to laser in the event of no water flowing. Damage will occur if the laser is run without water and invalidate warranty 

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